John Bladek

People always ask me how I thought of my unique “geometric” style of painting. I know the technical progression that was involved but ultimately I like simplicity in my life. Although my paintings are hardly  a simple procedure the end result is an attempt to break down scenes into a series of simple shapes, keeping it as a recognizable scene without unnecessary (in my mind) detail.

The process is complex and I enjoy the mental challenge. Any scene has to be broken down in my mind prior to painting, the shapes, how I will depict the objects, and the colours………there is no room for error in the planning or technical process and every painting requires the pre-planning. I paint with oils with no taping and the individual shapes are not drawn in, all painted freehand.

My degrees in geology and geography and my love of the outdoors draw me more to landscapes than cityscapes.

My “fish figments” paintings are an attempt to use multiple fish to create a flow on the canvas, to make the viewers’ eyes travel around the canvas.


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