Peter Davies

Essentially I am a self-taught watercolourist, learning by doing, but always pursuing how to create or achieve a particular and satisfying result. Why watercolours rather then the oils with which I started my painting life at my English Grammar school? It was the intellectual challenge of organizing the actual painting process that attracted me in the first place.  The sense that you had to do it right the first time, with no ability to correct a mistake.  Which, I discovered is nonsense really.

I concentrate on landscapes, more often than not, that involve buildings or structures,(my architectural background coming through) with me using a colour palette that is more English, with browns and subdued greens, rather than Canadian, with its brighter, fuller greens.  And my birds? Give a sense of here and now to the landscape and are added only after a painting is complete and is my sign off on the image.   It was Adrian Nette who early on, once observed that a painting of mine was not finished; “Why” I asked?  “It didn’t have, (what became my hallmark) the required three birds.”  Since then….. And my favourite brush? …. paper tissues, a water spray bottle,  coarse sandpaper and a very sharp Exacto knife.  


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