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We are turning 1!

It started with a dream and a meeting with Jane Nicholson at AIRO. The dream was to be one of the only local galleries to stay open YEAR ROUND in this small, beautiful town know for its rich history, culture, and according to one of the top art towns in Canada. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we opened our gallery in the beautiful town of Annapolis Royal, NS! And what a terrific year it’s been!

Since our opening in November 2016, we’ve had over a dozen exhibits; represented dozens of artists; held countless workshops and have supported several events. We have met hundreds of interesting and engaging people from across Europe, US and Canada.

Most importantly, nothing had prepared us for the exuberant support we’ve received from our local community. It’s hard for us to contain our gratitude for being so welcomed by everyone who’s walked in our doors, even in the clutches of Winter!

To celebrate this milestone we are having CAKE and a NO TAX SALE ALL DAY Sat Nov 18! Please join us for the celebration!

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