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Harvest Moon Trail - Art Inspired!

Coming up in a little over a week we will have a wonderful collection of paintings depicting the scenery along the Harvest Moon Trail from Round Hill to Annapolis Royal by artist Jaime Lee Lightle. Jaime and her husband use the trail frequently by bike or by hike all year round - through wind, rain and even snow!

The paintings in this ongoing series depict the breathtaking views of this converted train route turned multi-purpose trail which spans the Annapolis Valley. Let your eyes be captured by Jaime's expressionist skies reflecting on the Annapolis Basin, the fields of green and gold, the long shadows of apple orchards and the critters who inhabit the spaces along the trail.

Friday January 18th we will have ten pieces by Jaime Lee Lightle of this on-going series. We hope you can stop by and get a peek!

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