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Last week: "On a Sunny Day", Anna Rail

One of the most stunning exhibits this year will be leaving us in a week. Anna Rail, batik artist from New Brunswick started using this ancient art form 15 years ago and has never turned back.

On Friday July 5th she wowed a group of onlookers with a demonstration and explained her process and described the tools she uses. The audience was awe struck as soon as they walked into the gallery, gasping “absolutely gorgeous!”.

“I use exclusively handmade Japanese paper for this labour intensive technique. The paper's fibres provide exactly the qualities I am looking for: consistency, resistance and flexibility”.

Anna uses flamboyant colours that capture the essence of life without boundaries. Her collection of work will be at Round Hill Studio for the month of July (July 5-31).

See below for the full collection and contact us for purchasing enquiries.

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