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[Photo credit: Jaime Lee Lightle]

Hello all you wonderful people!

In the digital "global village" we live in today, it's easy for your voice to get lost in all the noise out there. We are but a couple of artists, humans, and citizens of this great big village, and we are currently exploring more ways to reach our audience beyond social media.

[Photo credit: Jaime Lee Lightle]

Over the last five years of sharing our art with the world, our blog has grown and evolved, and our subscription numbers have spiked (yaay!) and waned (boo!). So, we would like to invite you to consider how you want to engage with us beyond the scope of "algorithms".

[Photo credit: Jaime Lee Lightle]

We want to know......

Are you someone who enjoys learning about the artist’s process from the source - the artist? If so, then you’re going to enjoy what we have to offer through our blog-newsletter.

Do you like to engage with creative people? Whether you are a “creative-type” or not, you might get a kick out of connecting with us directly, through our blog-newsletter.

Are you a Military Veteran who is exploring art or is interested in exploring art as a means of creative expression like our very own James C E Lightle (Combat Engineer ret’d)? We understand your unique perspective and we want to know that you’re out there!

[Photo credit: Jaime Lee Lightle]

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