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Honest Animals: Back to School

"Colourful commentary by cheeky characters"

A new illustrated blog series created

DISCLAIMER: a sense of humour is required :)

Hey, Pam here. I have been a nurse for 27 years. Some people say I have a prickly bed side manner. I just think they haven't seen what I have seen. Unfortunately, I lost my job during the Pandemic because I didn't want to get an experimental inoculation to do my Job. This is a form of gene therapy that the pharmaceutical company has no liability for if it causes an adverse reaction. I worked all 2019, 2020 and it was not until October 2021 that I lost my job. Heck, I got Covid-19 before they decided to make it mandatory to get the shot. I figured natural immunity was good enough, but I found out otherwise. Now the hospital is down an employee with 27 years of clinical experience. I dare someone to try and give me a jab. They will end up with my needle-like quills head to toe.

Hello, my name in Jessica Rabbit. I am a proud mom of three HUNDRED. Yes, that’s a lot of mouths to feed! My husband Roger and I are very busy with our big brood, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. I think motherhood is an important thing that should be celebrated. Some people may scoff at how quickly we breed but the Rabbit population is important to the forest economy. Some have grown up to be doctors’, teachers, electricians, carpenters, lawyers, and little Timmy has just been accepted for a Journalism fellowship at the Bunny-Democracy Fund. I am so proud of all my little bunnies!!!

My name is Carl Skink. I am a School Counsellor at a High School in Toronto Ontario. I really love my job and I believe I was called to this profession for a purpose. As I kid I neither fit in with the Snakes or the Lizards at school and, but I yearned deeply to belong. That is why I want to be an affirming guide for youth who need help exploring who they are regardless of species they were assign at birth. Our school supports programs that affirm and encourage children to be themselves and we have been blessed to have received support from The Tawani Foundation to offer these programs. My only wish is to get more support from our PTA. One of the parent’s called me a “groomer” which I found deeply disheartening. This Trans-species phobia is just evidence that we need to educate parents more about trans-species diversity.

My name is Fry. I am a Mud Puppy and the largest salamander in Canada. You can find my family living in Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec. I live in Quebec for now, but I only speak English and it is getting hard to speak English in Quebec since Bill 96 came in. My area is not dominated with English speakers so I will either have to learn French or move out to Florida where my cousin has a farm. If I call 311 in Quebec, there will be no English voice on the phone unless it is for medical help. Heck, I have a broken recycling bin that I can't do anything about unless I learn French. I was already thinking about moving out since Bill 15, adopted unanimously in the National Assembly, promising to prioritize the interests of children over all other considerations, including the interests of parents. I have several kids and I can only put their best interests at heart. If the government thinks they are going to take my kids, they have another thing coming. THAT'S IT MAVIS! Grab the kids, we're moving to Florida!


James and I just want to thank you for all your love and support and we hope we can continue to grow and share our work with you, our wonderful audience.


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