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Honest Animals: Independent Voices

"Colourful commentary by cheeky characters"

A new illustrated blog series created

DISCLAIMER: a sense of humour is required :)

Hello, my name is Samantha Skunk. I have made it my life goal to bring Skunk awareness to the people of Canada. Many don’t know how diverse our diet is. We eat anything from vegetation to wasps, and I don’t mean the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant type. Yet, the people of Newfoundland still will not let me in. They have no Skunks there and they feel that pro-Skunk awareness will lead to an increase in Skunk migration to Newfoundland. Their loss!

Hello, Monique Mouse from Montreal here. I am reporter from a new media outlet and not the mainstream media (MSM). I report on the things that MSM will not talk about like stories that critique the current government. For instance, I cover stories on how the government uses divisive propaganda against its own population, and how this is harmful to our society. I was at a protest in the Winter where a police officer fired a gas container point blank at me. It hurt like heck but still I reported on the abuse of authority and the governments overreach. If there is truth out there, I will sniff it out like cheese.

Hello b’y, my name is Peggy Puffin. I have been a strong advocate for the province of Newfoundland since its integration into confederation in 1949. I have been trying to make sure that our natural identity does not get overrun with evasive species. Right now, that Skunk Samantha has been trying to bring Skunk awareness to Nfld. I must keep reminding her that I am the only black and white beauty of Nfld. And worse yet, she said she refuses to kiss the cod. That's

blasphemy in these neck of the woods b’y.Stay on the mainland I say.

Finneous is my name. I have been an independent journalist now for 30 years. I have to say things have changed since I first started as a young tadpole. We used to have to hop around all over the place to catch a good story, just like hunting for a juicy fly. As of late, I have seen fewer independent journalists around, but I have hope for the future. I have noticed that citizen journalism in Canada has really grown thanks to the internet. I have seen this trend really leap high since Justin Mallard paid off the mainstream media. He has spent billions of dollars just to make sure the truth does not get out there. Even scarier is bill C-11. This draconian legislation will make the Canadian internet as censored as it is in North Korea. If that does not scare you, well, keep your head under water.


James and I just want to thank you for all your love and support and we hope we can continue to grow and share our work with you, our wonderful audience.


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