Steve Skafte

I was born here, grew up to the rhythm of the ocean and the speed of trees. It's been thirty years on the outskirts of Bridgetown, under the shade of the North Mountain, the last ten of those walking with my third eye around my neck. I’ve kept a daily journal with my camera for a decade, seeking ìBlack & White in Colour, the intensity of monochrome with all the bright reality I can muster. These are my wanderings through an empty planet, an adventure shared with no one but me. It’s been a long lot of miles through the land of the kilometers, driving jarring potholes and walking muddy trails. I carry my ever-present desire for discovery, like an archaeologist digging up the recent past. They say there is nowhere you can go where no one has been, but I’ve seen places that no living stranger has visited, ghostly hollows and lost highways, mapped once and long forgotten.

sample 2 - No Direction Home
sample 5 - The Tree of Life
sample 4 - The Ghosts of Queen Street
sample 3 - The Acid House
sample 1 - Milk & Honey

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