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Art For Life!

Thanks to Awesome Annapolis and Annapolis Region Community Arts Council (ARCAC), we are able to share our OTHER passion with the community - ART THERAPY!

The inherent healing value of art has been recognized for millennia and we want Annapolis Royal to experience what it’s all about!

The reason why we want to share some Art Therapy tools is because the world we are living in is not getting any less stressful and we need more outlets to help keep us balanced.

Without balance, we cannot care for ourselves or show empathy for others.

Mental stress and mental illness impacts 1 in 5 and it’s time to push the curtains back, and help support one another!

Our goal for Art for Life is to educate the community about the HEALING aspects of Art, and to bring AWARENESS of mental illness to the forefront.

This project will incorporate FREE workshops and ART EXHIBITS during the months of APRIL and MAY. Proceeds of the art exhibits will go to support local mental health initiatives.

For more information on the workshops, click here.

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