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A Cheeky Commentary for a
Post Pandemic World

Authored and illustrated by
James C. E. Lightle and Jaime Lee Lightle

Honest Animals Talk! This book features fifty-seven amusingly illustrated animal monologues, each with a unique perspective. These native Canadian animals serve as a microcosm of the larger Canadian community, and offer insights on various aspects of society, culture, and family. The authors aim to captivate a diverse audience with their witty and respectful portrayal of these lovable creatures, whose stories are set in a world affected by a global crisis.

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Art and Travel Chronicle by Artists
James C E Lightle and Jaime Lee Lightle

Co-authors, artists, and married couple, James Lightle (retired Canadian Veteran), and Jaime Lee Lightle chronicle their road trip across Canada from their home in Round Hill Nova Scotia to Chilliwack British Columbia during a historical time, amidst the COVID-19 crisis and the contentious Federal Election campaign in 2021.

This book is “[...] a testament to what it is to be Canadian in such a varied and changing landscape from East to West and all that lies between. It also serves as a snapshot of the hearts and minds of Canadians as they were being tested in ways that we never have before as a nation”.

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