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April brings "Lexicon"

Lexicon: The vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge.

Word: A single distinct conceptual unit of language, comprising inflected and variant forms.

In April we are welcoming a group exhibit titled "Lexicon", featuring THREE artists - using THREE mediums - interpreting THREE point of view of a WORD.

Marla Benton, Philip Hodges, and Patricia Lindley are three artists who use three very different mediums to create art; Patricia uses pastels, Philip uses acrylic paints and Marla uses clay. Having worked together in the Winter of 2018, they came together to create a body of work in a group show called ‘coordinates’. Guided only by a set of GPS coordinates, they independently visited 12 pre-determined sites to select a subject from each location.

“In “Lexicon” we continue this exploration of shared experience as we seek words to describe what we are seeing and representing, and then create work in response to them, with all of their potential meaning. The words that we each select will provide glimpses into our individual sensibilities. How we respond to each other’s words will be similarly revealing. As words come together in the writing of books, books that hold for each of us a distinct meaning, this collection of works will tell a story of how we see the world.”

(left to right) Patricia Lindley, Philip Hodges, Marla Benton

Marla: "Clay is an art form that allows for function and sculpture to mix or be completely separate. My style varies from project to project, depending on context and purpose; pushing the boundaries of sensibility leads me from pure function, to functional decoration, to pieces that are purely decorative. I see my work in the middle of the world of art and the world of craft. Not wanting to commit to either one completely, either set of standards, or their theories, I consider myself a combination of the two.

As an artist, creating doesn’t have to have any value other than intuitive choice. The more I can create, the happier I am."

Philip Hodges: "Ever since I was a kid I have loved painting stuff. If Mr. Dressup was making a race car out of a kleenex box and painting on wheels and pinstripes, I was inspired. When I wanted to paint the Bluenose on my bedroom wall, I talked my parents into it. It was a natural occurrence then that, after seven years of university, a diploma in engineering and an undergrad from a school of architecture, I would spend my life being a painter. Walls, furniture, canvas… it has all been fair game."

Patricia Lindley: "While most of my creative output happens in my studio, I am also a keen international sailor and have carted sundry art media to various parts of the world. From Newfoundland to Guatemala I have tried plein air painting in pastel, watercolour, ink and gouache. I have come to realize that being an artist is not something you can switch on and off at will, so long journeys need opportunities for creative engagement. The trick is to convince the folks in security who X-ray your box of short, fat pastel sticks that they are not ammunition! "

Lexicon will be at Round Hill Studio from April 5th until May 1st and their opening reception will be on Sat April 6th from 1-3 PM.

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