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He-ART for MOM!

Mothers - they are the women who nurture us, wipe away our tears, and encourage us to be good citizens of the world.

Mothers not only raise their children, they are the caretakers of others, rearer of furry and feathered creatures and wise role models for many billions!

Overall, we think that mothers deserve recognition and I doubt anyone would argue with that!

On Saturday May 11th from noon until 5 PM we will be celebrating and recognizing Mothers by offering HUGE discounts on art by Bev Whalen, Connie Lowe-Parker, James C E Lightle and Jaime Lee Lightle.

Offerings Galore! We will have tasty treats that are gluten-free and Keto-friendly and a raffle for some jaw dropping goodies such as ART CARDS, GIFT CERTIFICATES and an ART-making & FOOD-tasting experience!

Our on-line store will have discounts as well, so keep your eyes open for our promo code that will be dropped in your email box leading up to the event :)

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