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Artist Corner Episode #3: Books to make you laugh, cry and cook

This video features books we have in stock at our gallery in Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia. Watch and enjoy!

Don't forget to contact us if you want to learn more about any of the items featured in this video.

Steve Skafte is a native to Bridgetown Nova Scotia. His book of poetry "Gregarious Introvert" is $15 +tax

Nancy Palmer Hussey is a lovely artist from Nova Scotia. Her book of family memoirs (and recipes) is $25 +tax

Melissa Fillmore's company, Past to Present Photos produced a lovely coffee table book featuring images of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia called "Annapolis Royal Through the Seasons" can be purchased for $24 +tax.

We also featured hand painted Page Savers by Connie Lowe-Parker for $8 +tax.

Visit us in Annapolis Royal once this Pandemic is over! In the meantime, visit us on-line,

Shop and see more at

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