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Hassen: "More than a Rock"

Cheryl Hassen is an award-winning professional photographer, documentary filmmaker and stone artist. Her achievement in representational photography is exemplary!

Hassen brings "More than a Rock" to Round Hill Studio in February(Jan 31-Feb 29). Her exhibit will feature large format bold, vibrant, impressively colourful and energetic, photographs of rock from Nova Scotia. The impact of these highly textured pieces will be felt the moment visitors come through the door.

“[…] the greatest joy comes from creating something that didn’t exist and wouldn’t have exist had I not created it. True satisfaction is knowing that you, and only you, could make that image because of what you bring to it.”

"More than a Rock" starts on Friday January 31st and you can get a chance to meet the artist, Cheryl Hassen from 5-7 PM.

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