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Home: A destination. We welcome Rhonda Barrett!


Back in mid March, we had no idea what the future had in store for us in Nova Scotia. Like a thick fog that comes in with the tide, we could not see what was an inch in front of us. Before the state of emergency was called in Nova Scotia, we were planning on welcoming the fine art collage of Rhonda Barrett , but that plan, like many others, was interrupted.

Now that some of the fog has cleared, we are looking at a new way of life with a lot less. Less travel, less money, less hugs and handshakes; so it could not be more important that we celebrate what we still have, and that is - HOME!

What is Home to us now? Home is our refuge, our safe place, and now, our only place at the moment. Home may now represent more to us now than it did back in March, and that is why we really wanted to make this exhibit our first one since the world changed.

Exhibit As the constraints on our movements loosen, we want to welcome you to Round Hill Studio to see Rhonda Barrett’s exhibit, “Home is Where the HeART is”. We are very exited to be featuring some exemplary up-cycled art by Barrett in our main gallery and virtually from July 17 to Aug 13.

For Barrett’s exhibit, she chose pieces that pay tribute to her Newfoundland heritage, but, also celebrate Nova Scotia and the commonalities between the two provinces.

Rhonda Barrett

Rhonda Barrett is an artist from Newfoundland with a background in Architectural Technology, currently living in Nova Scotia, whose study of paper and Japanese arts finds her working in a chigiri-e style with newsprint.

The waste-not-want-not attitude and nostalgia of her maritime upbringing is paramount in her choice of medium and also informs many of the images she captures. The use of newspaper as her primary medium is a nod to the temporal arts and our ideas of material value. She works out of her studio in Halifax, NS.

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