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Honest Animals: Save our Sports

"Colourful commentary by cheeky characters"

A new illustrated blog series created

DISCLAIMER: a sense of humour is required :)

Hi, my name is Aaron Goose the Third. I have honked my way across this great nation of Canada. I have scored goals in every Province and in many American States. Now that the playoffs are over, it is time to start training again for another great season. The calisthenic exercises, the flapping and squatting until my body aches. You must train hard if you want to be the best. And I train so honking hard every day.

Hello, my name is Larry Lynx. I am from the Canadian north country. I tend to keep to myself. My hobbies are hunting and snow shoeing. The government says that they want to take my weapons away. Something to do with hands, I think. All I know is when the government comes for your weapons, genocide usually follows. Look what they did to the unarmed people of Armenia, Soviet Union, Germany, China, Guatemala, Uganda, and Cambodia. Well, the 55.9 million people killed by their governments should make you wonder why your government is trying to take your weapons away from you.

Hello, my name is Mortimer from Maple Creek. If you don't know where that is, find the 100th meridian in Saskatchewan and you’re not too far.I am a retired CFL player, and I used to play for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. People often drive through our area and say how big the skies are. Not only are the skies big out here, but so are the animals. On the weekends my wife and I like to head to Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park.It survived the great flood don't you know.I hope you come and visit and stay a while.

Hello, my name is Renee R. Otter.Well, it is another great year to be swimming. I used to swim competitively, and I was once the best female swimmer in Canada. Unfortunately, that all changed when a new competitor came to town. His name was Richard Otter but now he goes as Rachel. That was a game changer because he was much faster than all us girls. It was sad to see all my national records destroyed in a single meet. Fortunately, Canada voted to restrict some trans-animal athletes from participating in women’s events. Now I hope my records are reinstated. I must admit it was hard to complain about this with Canada's Anti-Free Speech law, Bill C-16.


James and I just want to thank you for all your love and support and we hope we can continue to grow and share our work with you, our wonderful audience.


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