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June Farnsworth's "Circle of Life"

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Many artistic journeys begin with loss. June Farnsworth found that the paint just seemed to fly onto the canvas after she lost her mother. June’s grief impelled her use her inner voice to turn canvas and paint into a catalyst for her series called “Circle of Life”."When I was done, a dam of emotions was released”.

Farnsworth credits painting and writing as her therapy that got her through loss, heartache and grief. “This collection was my voice when I couldn’t verbalize what I was feeling.” The resulting collection of original paintings are currently housed in Newfoundland but she has reproduced these works in an 8”x8” format for her inaugural exhibit at Round Hill Studio.

This collection of art and story is infused with brilliant colour, line work and movement and will be on exhibit at Round Hill Studio from March 5th to 31st and online at

A self-taught artist, originally from Nova Scotia, June grew up surrounded by the Bay of Fundy and St. Mary’s Bay. Her love of the ocean, nature and animals led her to pursue an education and career in the field of Fish & Wildlife. “As an avid hiker and naturalist I fell in love with Nova Scotia & Newfoundland's rugged beauty, geology, wildlife, and history.”

Find June Farnsworth (JMF Artwork) on Facebook @JMF Artwork and Instagram @jmf_artwork and

Here is an excerpt from June Farnsworth’s poem, “Spirit of Horse":

Spirit of Horses

Healing love

Compassion and understanding

Unconditional love brings

Heals the broken heart

The angels wrap you within their wings.

Empower the healer within you integrate mind, body and soul

Use the energy within you

To heal past trauma

Dig deep into your soul.

Take the time to heal yourself

Let spirit horse move within you

Awakening the medicine man and medicine woman

The time is now upon you.

Your path has led you back here

Open your heart to peace and love

Your vision will become clearer

Your protected from above.

Breakthroughs are on the horizons

Freedom calls your name

Ride to greener pastures

The demons you can tame.

Spirit horse is with you

Traumas will subside

As you heal from your addictions

Spirit horse is by your side.

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