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New to 'us' technique

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Back in late May James and I took the opportunity to learn a new print making technique at our local printmaking society, Elephant Grass Printmakers Society.

Janel Warmington, one of the members of the Printmakers Society showed us how to work in Chine-collé which is a printmaking technique in which the image is transferred onto a surface that is bonded onto a heavier support in the printing process.

After some trial, error, failures and surprising successes, we had a new collection of colourful, bright, prints for our gallery re-opening.

[Photo credit: Janel Warmington]

Visit our new location at 228 St-George Street in Annapolis Royal, or our online gallery-shop to explore these new pieces and the rest of our collection.

"Moonlit Night" by James C E Lightle; "Peppy Junco" by Jaime Lee and James C E Lightle; "Dusk" by James C E Lightle; "Chestnut" by James C E Lightle; "Peppy Junco 2" by Jaime Lee and James Lightle; "Rainbow Over the Shore" by Jaime Lee and James C E Lightle; "Nesting" by James C E Lightle

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