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Old buildings need love too....

Some unexpected building issues has meant we had to close the gallery temporarily.

Coincidentally, it has almost been a year to the day that we were forced to close as a result of COVID-19 and the State of Emergency issued by our Provincial Government.

This time, the closure is due to maintenance issues but it reminded me of how far we have come and how resilient we have become since the State of Emergency Last year.

When we are not prepared for disaster, it can kick us in the butt, literally! Although closing our doors this time around is a lot different, it still makes us sad that we cannot welcome visitors to our Gallery, just as it did last March.

Until we have our maintenance issues resolved, we would like to invite you to watch the tour of June Farnsworth’s “My Journey into the Circle of Life”.

If you have no already subscribed to our Youtube Channel, please consider it. We have artist interviews, art talks, exhibit tours and more! We are constantly improving how we deliver Art to our audience, so we will continue to create some interesting and visually stimulating video content for our subscribers.

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