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Pictures say a lot!

What does this photo tell you?

Since last Tuesday we have been trying to turn our lemons into lemonade.


We have had to move our entire inventory into our main gallery so that the restoration work in the back of the gallery can get done.

We have had our doors closed for a week now and we still do not know when we will be able to open again.


While I sit and gaze at all the stacks of art surrounding my desk I came up with a great idea! Let's have a SALE!

How big a sale you ask?

Answer: the biggest sale we have ever had!

We will be offering HUGE savings on our ENTIRE on-line inventory this weekend only (April 2nd to 5th).

Hey, you. Yes you! Do you know of someone who would appreciate what we share? If so, share this post. Because sharing is caring :)

Have an artful day! Yours truly, Jaime Lee

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