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Sandra Pedersen "Broken and Beautiful"

"Art grows out of grief and joy, but mainly grief. It is born of people’s lives." -Edward Munch

We are very excited to introduce you to Sandra Pedersen, a self taught artist living in Halifax NS. For her exhibit at Round Hill Studio, titled “Broken and Beautiful”, Pedersen opens her heart through her collection of work that explores both the very dark and very light experiences of loss.

‘In recovering from the devastating loss of her daughter, Heather, to suicide in 2010, Sandra has used art as therapy.

Working through emotions and bringing light to even the darkest moments, she has made visible those things which are often difficult to articulate: loss, anguish, despair, fear, guilt, anger, hopelessness as well as peace, joy, acceptance, compassion and love.’

Loss and Love is something we can all relate to. “That we can feel such loss is the testament to immense love.  That love does not abandon us.  That love lives within each of us and makes us beautiful no matter how broken we are” (Pedersen, 2020).

Join us for “Broken and Beautiful” from September 18th to October 15th at our retail Gallery in Annapolis Royal, and in on-line gallery at

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