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WEE ART 2019!

We are excited to announce our most favourite exhibit is coming back this December! "Wee Art" is back and is the most diverse art show we have all year....and just in time for the Christmas season. The show opens on Fri. Dec. 6 and there will be an evening of music, laughter and refreshments from 6-8 PM.

What is new and exciting about this year's exhibit is that ALL hung art will be 6"x6" and they will all be reasonably priced at $75 (+tax).

Last year we had over 20 artists, with over 80 unique pieces to choose from. This year we expect the same. Some of your favourite artists sold out last year we expect them be returning this year: Connie Lowe-Parker, Bette Young, James C E Lightle...and many more.

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