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51 Ways to Support Artists

Watch the virtual tour of our #WEEART2020 exhibit below. This fun, group art exhibit is featuring 51 pieces of small art from some of your favourite artists and some newcomers. Here is a list of all the contributing artists (in no particular order): Rosemary Nagel, Justine MacDonald, Bette Young, Ted Lind, Pat Lohrenz, Elizabeth Cole, Joan McLean, Phillip Bailey, Elizabeth Power, Colleen MacKinnon, Wayne Boucher, Jaime Lee Lightle, James C E Lightle, Micheline Gushue, Anne MacNeill. Visit the full collection here.


Just a note that we will be winding down our operations on December 23rd and re-opening on January 12th but our on-line gallery and shop will remain open. Have a safe, happy and artful Holiday from your friends at Round Hill Studio.

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