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And...we're back!

It’s already been a week since we re-opened our doors after COVID-19 forced us to shut them. We have been overwhelmed by many “thanks for opening”, and “where is that art piece I saw on Facebook…I can’t wait to see it in person!”

The new health protocols have been a change for us, but we are easing into this new era with a smile and gratitude for our community.

It has felt like we have been apart from all our friends, family, baristas, restaurants FOREVER! But like the beautiful East Coast Spring, we are stepping out, little by little and showing our beautiful colours.

We will continue to bring you new art, and of course some great videos from the “Artist Corner” on Youtube, and be on the look out for some new Exhibits SOON!

Here is a summary of first week back:

New Art by James C E Lightle: "Splitting" (click here for details)

New Art by Jaime Lee Lightle: "Shake It" (Click here for info)

New Collaborative art by James and Jaime Lee Lightle: (left to right) "Common Snipe" [sold], "King Fisher" (click here for details), "Sandpiper" [sold], "Crow" (click here for details), "Group of Gulls" [sold]

Art by Marjolaine Paulin: (left to right) "Adrift" ($905+tax), "Butterfly Effect" ($905+tax), "A Bright Sunny Day" ($425+tax), "Peaceful" ($425+tax), "Summer Teal" ($425+tax). Contact us for purchasing enquiries.

Art by Joan McLean: Watercolour art cards ($15+tax each). Contact us for purchasing enquiries.

Photography by Mario Croteau: Printed, matted prints, 5"X7" ($15+tax each). Contact us for purchasing enquiries.

Photography by Andrew Tolson: Photograph cards 5"x7"($8+tax each),Large matted print 11"x16" ($95+tax each). Contact us for purchasing enquiries.

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