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Canada: the land of Hope

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

[Hastings Ontario (2021) by Jaime Lee Lightle]

So we left Nova Scotia on a Wednesday. In a weird paradox, we were really looking forward to leaving for our Cross Canada trip but we also felt nervous, and fearful. It was not until we broke through the open border between New Brunswick and Quebec on day 2 that the fear and anxiety melted away. It was at that moment that I came to the realization that our minds were programmed to fear the outside: “Stay the Blazes Home” was ingrained in our minds.The outside world, what our own eyes were seeing – was not a scary place after all. It was real, really, really, REAL!

[Left to right: "The Nickle" Sudbury, Ontario; Bonnechere Caves, Eganville, Ontario; "Moose River" Rouleau, Saskatchewan]

So we blazed our trail! Ahead was something new to us: our future filled with hope, behind us: our past and our fears. Both fear and hope are phycological states. They both have their purpose; one to keep us from being annihilated by dangers and one to move us forward in movement and purpose. The question is now, where do we want to spend our time: in hope or in fear? Well, I will leave that with you.

[Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, Saskatchewan (2021) by Jaime Lee Lightle]

In a little over a month, we travelled approximately 11,000 km! Our country, this land we call Canada, is huge, magnificent, and powerful. The people we met were real, really, really, REAL! So were their stories, their hopes, and fears.

[Valley of the Five Lakes, near Jasper Alberta (2021) by Jaime Lee Lightle]

I hope you can enjoy some of the art that was inspired by our Cross Canada Trip. If you have an experience from your travels in Canada, we encourage you to share them with us. Being a part of something bigger than you – is a life changing event and travelling is the most REAL way to experience life beyond the smallness of where we feel safe.

Thanks for reading! Sincerely, Jaime Lee and James :)

[Banff Provincial Park, Alberta (2021) by Jaime Lee Lightle]

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