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Recipe/Art Cards are here!

Do you need another reason to bake?

My passion for baking began when I started leafing through an old, cookbook that I found at a used book store here in Annapolis Valley. I don't know what called me to the culinary section of the bookstore, but I knew something powerful was drawing me to these old, sugar coated, butter stained treasures.

Eventually, I noticed 2 things started happening to me while I was leafing through these collections of down home recipes: I wanted to bake AND I wanted to sketch. So, I ended up turning my recipe book obsession into inspiration for watercolour sketches that give a hint of a tale.

On the back of each of these original sketches is a hand written recipe. Now to be fair, I did not have spellcheck or even white out while citing these generational Nova Scotia recipes but spelling mistakes just adds to their unique charm (I can never remember if potato and tomato have an "e" at the end).

For a piece of art that has a story and a function, I am proud to share these wonderful, fun Recipe/Art Cards with you.

You can find these and other culinary inspired art at our online-gallery-store. They come matted and ready to frame, or you can keep them with your treasured recipes.

If you like what we post, please spread the love please give this article a share. Yours kindly, Jaime Lee and James.

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