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The Perfect Ending

After much deep thought and consideration, we have decided that Apothecary: the Healing Arts will be our last Group Exhibit in our current location at 280 St-George Street. It is time for a move to a new location, but before we do that, we want to share this last group exhibit with you.

The gallery is still closed but our windows have been transformed into a beautiful Apothecary installation. From April 17 to May 15th you can visit our website to explore 22 pieces of art that are inspired by the healing of art.

"Apothecary: the Healing Arts" is a group exhibit featuring 14 artists from Coast to Coast. We are happy to welcome these amazing artists to Round Hill Studio this Spring:

  • Rosemary Nagel

  • Regina Marzlin

  • Mallori Inginza

  • Nancy Roberts

  • Cam Albright

  • Natalie Moyes

  • Kirsty Benedict

  • Murel Zimmer

  • Barbara Page

  • Kellianne M. Land

  • Caroline McLeod

  • Bev Whalen

  • James C E Lightle

  • Jaime Lee Lightle

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