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Still here..healing through Art

We are still working on getting the gallery ready to welcome all our visitors. So we want to make sure that we let you all know that we have an incredible group exhibit coming soon!

"Apothecary: the Healing Arts" is a group exhibit featuring 14 artists from Coast to Coast. We are happy to welcome these amazing artists to Round Hill Studio this Spring:

  • Rosemary Nagel

  • Regina Marzlin

  • Mallori Inginza

  • Nancy Roberts

  • Cam Albright

  • Natalie Moyes

  • Kirsty Benedict

  • Murel Zimmer

  • Barbara Page

  • Kellianne M. Land

  • Caroline McLeod

  • Bev Whalen

  • James C E Lightle

  • Jaime Lee Lightle

Here is a little teaser for you. We will be offering our audience an on-line and off-line gallery experience soon!

Images (left to right): "No words" by Rosemary Nagel, "Apothecary of Illumination" by Natalie Moyes, "Welcome Back Eostre, we missed you" by James C E Lightle, "A Lot of Fight Left" by Bev Whalen.

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