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Sharon Nowlan

We are excited to announce our featured artist for March!

Sharon Nowlan knows how to evoke magic with simple stones, pebbles and sea glass!

“ I often attempt to capture the wind with my pebbles. The wind in a skirt, in the branches of a tree, the sails of a sailboat, petals falling from a daisy, kites flying high over head, laundry hanging on a line. The wind carries our memories and gently sends us reminders with every breath or mighty blow we feel on our faces.”— Sharon Nowlan

Sharon's exhibit will feature her exquisite representations of plants, figures and nautical themes. Don't miss this opportunity to see one of the most talented Nova Scotian pebble and sea glass artist.

Exhibit: March 2 - March 31. Reception, Fri March 2, 7-9 PM.

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