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Linda and her Fury ;)

It has been an honour to host artist, Linda Hulme-Leahy's very first solo exhibition, "Reclamation" which will be at Round Hill Studio until October 4th. This collection of assemblages has had onlookers gasping at her clever literary references and chuckling at her sense of humour. "Reclamation" is not only a visual experience, the aroma of willow, sage and lemon balm, provides a full-sensory experience.

On Thursday September 21st at 7 PM, Linda will be giving a talk about her work. Linda will talk about how she changes literary narratives through her organic assemblages to raise up maligned and sidelined female characters. It’s like reverse ekphrasis – instead of words responding to art, it’s art responding to written texts.

The talk will focus primarily on Shakespearean characters but there will also be classical and anthropological references. Don't worry, if you're not up on your literature, Linda will offer a brief synopses of plots and outcomes. In many of Shakespeare's plays if people don't end up dead they may wish they were -- but in Linda's world the women at least have an alternative outcome...The talk will feature works in "Reclamation", Linda's September installation at Round Hill Studio.

Click below on the images for more information and to enquire on the any of the pieces in the show, click here.

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