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Art + Love = Merge

Married in life with a shared passion of art, James and Jaime Lee Lightle have achieved one of the most challenging project of their artistic career - creating art together!

You may think that being in love and being artists makes it easy to collaborate on one piece, but ask any musician, writer or photographer how they would navigate a creative project with their spouse.

When it clicks it click! The fear is that the compatibility in life cannot translate to art; this is not the case with James and Jaime Lee. They sought challenge, through trial and error and high expectations.

What you will see is both personalities emerging from each piece like an artistic duet.

The exhibit “Merge” will be hanging in Round Hill Studio February 1-28 and the reception is Friday February 1 from 7-9 PM.

“Join us on this journey of love and passion” - Jaime Lee Lightle

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