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Paskins "Freehand"

In March we are welcoming Sophie Paskins, a native of the UK who calls Annapolis Royal home. A dedicated arts professional with over 10 years’ experience within the arts and non-profit sector, we were delighted to offer Sophie a spot on our feature wall.

Her exhibit, 'Freehand', a blend of non-objective painting and figurative imaginings will be in Round Hill Studio for the month of March.

Most recently, I have been interested in abstract or “non-objective” painting, removing the figure entirely. Working intuitively, I begin by putting down blocks of colour. Through a series of processes, I remove and repaint, draw, sand, dissolve and work the surface painted areas to try and achieve movement, depth and a balance of hard and soft elements. - Paskins

Come help us welcome Sophie at her opening reception on Friday March 1st from 6-7 PM.

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