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Alex Pfaff - Colours, Lines and Beauty

November is a funny month. The last of the leaves have all but fallen from the trees and there is usually no signs of the fluffy white stuff that ushers in the excitement of the festive season.

Yet, at Round Hill Studio we will be welcoming some bright, colourful, and powerful paintings by Alex Pfaff. Alex’s exhibit, titled “Colours, Lines and Beauty” will be an welcome fixture to the windows and walls of the gallery for the full month of November.

Alex Pfaff was born 1961 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. One of the happiest day of his life was in 1999, when he received his Canadian citizenship. “It was always my dream to come to Canada and live close to nature and wildlife. I was drawn to its history and the possibilities of life in such a large country.”

Alex predominantly paints in acrylic on canvas and ink on paper. He is self-taught, passionate, ambitious and has a committed eye to detail and precision. “The light plays an important role to create contrasts within the object. Exploring the possibilities to surprise the ones who get drawn into MyArt”.

“Colours, Lines and Beauty” will be featured at Round Hill Studio from Nov 1-30, and you can meet the artist, Friday Nov 1st, from 6-8 PM.

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