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Art delivery: Marjolaine Paulin

Here, in your inbox and at your fingertips is Marjolaine Paulin's exhibit: "Where are we Going?".

As this week is winding down, we wanted to bring you a collection of art by our featured artist, Marjolaine Paulin. The theme of this New Brunswick abstract artist exhibit titled, “Where Are We Going?” could not be more poignant now.

Unfortunately, just as Marjolaine's exhibit at Round Hill Studio commenced, so did the shocking news of the Pandemic spread across the globe. As a non essential service, we decided to close our doors to the public, thus robbing so many of their opportunity to see this exhibit. As our art-loving public, we plead to you to share this post so that Marjolaine's art can be enjoyed by a wider audience.

Please message us, here if you would like to know more details about any of this work.

Stay safe friends :)

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