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Where Are We Going?

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Artist, Marjolaine Paulin conceptualizes the question: Where Are We Going? in her Exhibit at Round Hill Studio in March 2020.

Marjolaine Paulin is an abstract painter, originally from Caraquet, New Brunswick. After spending 17 years in Montreal, she has retuned to her roots in Acadie of New Brunswick and is now living in Moncton NB.

This “self taught” artist devotes herself entirely to her passion of art making and prefers working in abstract as “there are no rules. I can express my view of the world without compromise”.

Paulin created a new collection of 12 paintings for her exhibit that will be displayed at Round Hill Studio in March 2020 called: “Where Are We Going?”. Her idea for this series occurred to her from seeing images all over media about the devastating impact of climate change; the global refugee crisis; South of the border politics; and, geo political movements in Europe. Her views of what’s going on in the world have a visual presence within these art pieces.

We invite you to emerge yourself in the conceptualization of one artist’s question: “WHERE ARE WE GOING?” , Marjolaine Paulin, March 6 to April 1, 2020 (Reception: March 6, 5-7PM)

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