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Sharon Cave's "100 Dresses Project" in OCTOBER

We are excited to announce that Sharon Cave's

"100 Dresses Project" will be coming to Round Hill Studio in OCTOBER!

Born in England, Sharon has spent her adult life in Canada. Here she studied graphic design and was engaged commercially for several years before turning to painting as a means to express herself. Over the years she has experimented in several mediums, though currently works in oils and pastels.

Continuous self-study gives Sharon the freedom to express herself in her work. People and animals feature prominently, often with a sense of individualism and solitude. Just as a choreographer brings a ballet together to tell a story, Sharon views painting as a choreography of individual strokes with the final image expressing a contained vignette.

Come and see Sharon's Exhibit: October 5-31 | Reception, Fri October 5, 7-9 PM.

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