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"Wee Art", BIG talent!

"Wee Art" is our annual group exhibit which brings together artists from across Nova Scotia and Canada! The unique feature of this exhibit is that all pieces measure 6” square and are priced at $75. In this exhibit, we have a mixture of styles, mediums and subjects; and what they all have in common besides size and price is the level of quality!

We are happy to highlight the exhibit’s contributing artists: Connie Lowe - Parker, Phillip Bailey, Erin Hollingshead, James C E Lightle, Patty Lively, Jennifer Anne Burke, Kelli Randall Janson, Hansi Gerold-Murphy, Giselle Beauchamp, Jaime Lee Lightle and Hannnah Aubrecht.

“Wee Art” will be hanging in the gallery until January 17th. Click on the images below for more details about the piece and click here for purchase inquiries.

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