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Honest Animals: Culture, Compliance and Crickets

"Colourful commentary by cheeky characters"

A new illustrated blog series created

DISCLAIMER: a sense of humour is required :)

Hello, my name is Michael M. Lion. I have traveled across Canada several times. I tend to keep to myself but if someone sees me out, it is because it’s a special occasion. I was at a party in Nova Scotia once and this guy named Bubbles gave me the nickname Steve French because he could not make out my name on my name tag. This guy’s glasses were so thick he couldn't see at all! Nice guy though, he had a pretty big crew of cats with him. Right now, I am hanging my hat outside Victoria where there are more deer than anywhere I have been. I think I am going to stick around here for a while where the food is good.

Hey all you beautiful Canadians out there, Carlton P Bear here. I grew up in Arviat Nunavut and dreamed of exploring the rest of Canada, so one day I headed south. I’m what you would call a migratory champion. Many years ago, I headed south in October, and I ended up at the Maple Leaf Gardens. Fortunately for me, the Toronto Maple Leaf’s hired me as their mascot. I get the best seats in the house from October until Spring then I return to Arviat. My dad knows when I will be coming home because the Leaf’s are out. That’s his favourite joke. I must say, the city of Toronto has grown so much. I stayed in Arviat during the pandemic, more room to roam. I was feeling claustrophobic in the city. Many of the people in the city left for country during the Pandemic and I don’t blame them.

Hello, Peter is my name. I am a Blanding turtle. I hail from Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia. I have to say that I felt safe during the pandemic because we were in the Maritime Bubble which kept the virus out. On top of that, there were fewer people driving around the back roads so that made it extra safe for me. Some say I am a bit of an introvert, but you would be to if you carried your house on your back. The Premier here told everyone to stay the blazes home, I listened to him completely. I did not see anyone other than when I did my groceries and banking. I like wearing my mask because it makes me feel safe and I can hide my facial reactions to people when they say silly things. Now that the East Coast bubble is gone, get out and enjoy the National Parks but watch out for me and my family.

Skeeter Yellow Spotted Salamander is my name and crickets are my game. I just started a cricket farm in Tillsonburg Ontario. And no, my back don't ache when I hear that word. My family decided to farm something that is sustainable in our area and the Canadian government is making it easier for us to produce and sell our cricket products. They say you can get more protein from an acre of crickets than you can with beef and chicken. The only challenge is getting people to eat the crickets. We know that the government is trying to make farmers use less fertilizer and fossil fuel and that will reduce the amount they can produce and thus make it harder for them to make a living. But I don’t have to worry about any of that. All I have to worry about is crickets and guess what? J.M. Mallard and his WEF cronies want all of you to eat bugs so that means cha ching for me! Seriously he wants you to eat bugs.


James and I just want to thank you for all your love and support and we hope we can continue to grow and share our work with you, our wonderful audience.


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