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Precious Metal

Q: How was copper wire invented?

A: Two lawyers fighting over a penny.

Now that I made you chuckle, I thought I would share some of our newest additions to our on-line gallery-shop. Today I bring you art made with precious metals.

Metals are a class of element, they are shiny, they conduct electricity, and a significant fraction of the world's energy supply go into the mining of metals and turning them into useful products in the modern world (just open up your cell phone).

This first piece is by James C E Lightle. For this worked titled "Copper Conductor", he cut hundreds of small pieces of small gauged copper tubing. Each piece of copper took 2 minutes to cut, and this piece contains over 300 tiny pieces of copper. Do the math...that's 10 hours of cutting!

The second piece is by Jaime Lee Lightle (yes, moi). This piece titled, "My Messengers" has many layers of paper, held by gel medium, acrylic paint and what else? GOLD leaf! I chose to highlight the birds in this piece with Gold leaf to really give it a magical sparkle.

The final piece is again by James, titled "Solar Cycle". Rather than sculpting with actual copper, for this work, he used copper acrylic paint as the base. See the shine!

Thanks for making us your morning, afternoon, evening, bed time read, we hope we have provided you with some insight into our artistic process. If you can, we'd appreciate if you share this post. Sincerely, Jaime Lee and James Lightle.

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