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Welcome 2021 with Yummy!

Okay, so we are now into our 3rd week of January and this title might be a little dated but we all know that to really takes time to get used to a change(Are you still writing 2020 on your cheques and correspondence?). Here at Round Hill Studio we are moving things around and making plans to start new a tradition of inviting even MORE artists to share their work with the world. We not only offer exhibiting opportunities through our Gallery in Annapolis Royal, but we have a growing world-wide following through where our audiences can experience our exhibits virtually.

A month ago we announce a call to artist for another group show that we will be hosing - "Palate: Comfort Food in Art". We have received some pretty tasty submissions so far and we are getting close to having a full offering of visually stimulating, mouth watering art inspired by Food that provides a feeling of well-being.

Do you want to know more about exhibiting with us? Send us a message (link) or visit our submission page.

Watch our latest video where Gallery Director, Jaime Lee Lightle talks about our current exhibit, #WEEART2020 and our next group Exhibit, Palate: Comfort Food in Art.

We are still looking for more artists, so please spread the word!

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