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Honest Animals: Not Horsing Around

"Colourful commentary by cheeky characters"

A new illustrated blog series created

DISCLAIMER: a sense of humour is required :)

My name is Anne-Marie and I am a Martin from the Acadian Shore of Nova Scotia. We just celebrated Acadia Day down here in Clare County where I won first place for my Råpure (or Rappie Pie). The Acadian culinary history has been taught through our oral traditions for many generations. Most people don’t know that we were once agrarian people, but the great Derangement took us from our settled farms in Nova Scotia and many returned decades later to settle near the sea. We may have lost a lot of our agricultural traditions, but our resilience is demonstrated in our recipes such as Råpure, a staple of the Acadian diet. To find more Acadian recipes or traditional remedies for anything from the common cold to COVID-19, check out the Clare Shopper.

My name is Dr. Jordan B Patterson. I am a clinical and research Psychologist, and my lectures are in demand all over the world. I have been getting many bewildering reports from my audiences abroad about the state of Canada’s international reputation. In response to this, I will read an excerpt from a chapter in my latest book titled the Thirteen Rules of being a Good Bird. Chapter 13 - Don’t wear sweats in public. An excuse is just like wearing sweats in public. If you won’t bother putting on adult clothes, then why make the effort to be honest with yourself? Go ahead, look sloppy. You’re just demonstrating that you need to get your act together in some way, but you won’t. Are you not worth the effort? Some people have put effort into you; do you think they were wasting their time? Don’t make your excuses your crutch and don’t wear sweats out in public.

Edna's my name and blue blood lifestyle is all I know. Honestly, I am from Saint John New Brunswick. We New Brunswickers have the nickname of herring chokers. I find people from outside the Maritimes think the term is heron choker. They are so uninformed! My family is big in the lumber and oil industry. It is something I am proud of. My great, great grandfather started the company and left it to my grandfather and my father ruled over the company for the last part of this decade. My great grandfather made a clause that only three generations can run the company. So, I will never be the boss, but guaranteed, I will get to play with my loaded trust fund.

Charles the Horse here. Did you know that within the last decade the Canadian Horse has been added to the slate of National Animals of Canada? We have been the national breed of Canada since 1909 but it was in 2002, that we got the new title of national animal of Canada. I join my other fellow Canadian species like the Canadian Beaver, the Canada Goose, and the Canada Jay. The Canadian Horse have been in this country since the late 1600s (1665 to be exact) and we have even helped found this nation of Canada. We worked in agriculture, construction, and we even contributed to military service. I am proud to say that it was my warrior brothers who were sent down to help in the American Civil War. They say the North won the war because they had better horses than the south. We have had the nickname of "the little iron horse" and "the horse of steel". This accreditation has changed how other horses look at us making us more desirable to other horses.


James and I just want to thank you for all your love and support and we hope we can continue to grow and share our work with you, our wonderful audience.


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